ZKM | Media Museum, 18.06.2011–29.01.2012
Essays and Articles by Thomas Girst, Jürgen Jähnert, Marshall McLuhan, Matthias Penzel, Franz Pichler, Florian Rötzer, Bernhard Schäfers, Peter Sloterdijk, Paul Virilio und Peter Weibel

This book provides the first extensive documentation of the automobile from a new perspective - namely as one of the central "sculptures of the 20th century" (Wolf Vostell). It also offers the first comparison of the automobile to other media of mobility.

Both the development of the automobile - the "central object of the modern age" (Peter Sloterdijk) - and the development of telecommunications had their start in Baden-Wurttemberg. 125 years ago Karlsruhe pioneer Carl Benz built his "Patent Motor Car Number 1", the first modern automobile; and at the same time in Karlsruhe physicist Heinrich Hertz discovered electromagnetic waves, which made worldwide radio communication possible. Both men laid the groundwork for those media of mobility that definitively shape our society today.
The exhibition CAR CULTURE. Media of Mobility and this book reveal for the first time the parallel development of physical and virtual mobility - or communication, from Hertz to the handset, from the automobile to mobile communications, through which we have become boundlessly mobile.

Car Culture
Media of Mobility
Exhibition in the ZKM | Center for Art and Media, 18.06.2011 - 08.01.2012
Peter Weibel (ed.) - Karlsruhe: ZKM, 2011. - 416 pages, ca. 400 images
ISBN: 978-3-928201-42-1
German language

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