Saturday, August 1, 2015


These projects are adressing the most crucial scientific questions humanity is facing now.

These are the notions of domains of discourse for a World Exhibition in the end of 2011 at ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe. A call to the arms for all existent human creative energies not only to make translucent human fallacy, but to change it.

Art and Media Technology meet Climate Impact Research, generated by interdisciplinary insights based on social and economic dynamics, scientific scenarios, physical and mathematical models, and transdisciplinary findings.

Climate Anomie is also a manmade catastrophe, caused and provoked by unbalanced, obsessive and deregulated pauperization of resources of millions of years that are earth.

The anomie is guided by unscrupulous rich, organized nations supported by disproportionate and hazardous drifts of aimed techno-sciences and socioeconomic biases.

Climate Turn: civilizations collapsing, empiric knowledge, aleatoric wisdom, the unknown unknown, diversity vanishing; human beings being adrift.

After having been illuminated by the Copernican Principle we have to face the task to raise humanity to be capable to disclose a new equilibrium in harmony with the universe, giving us the liberty to sense heterogeneous, but also decoherent and entangled perceptions, permitting flow of consciousness not destroying life.

The DVD has been shown on 29th of September 2009 at 2:00 p.m. at Palais de l’Europe during the panel discussion at the Council of Europe Art and Climate Change. It shows ten minutes of the forces attacking the earth and ten minutes of creative forces counter-attacking.

We will set up an international board of intellectuals of high renown, who will discuss the topic with transdisciplinary competence.

Admin, March 19th, 2010:

Currently we are setting up a new website. The objective of would be to generate by means of audio-visual media that which apparently cannot be mediated – the shift from nature to climate – into a kind of Web-archipelago. The website opens up to a until now unseen landscape the meaning of which is not occupation, but an increased perception of significant phenomena by way of the formation of swarms, above all for the arts and technologies [read more]

Freddy Paul Grunert, Dec. 11th, 2009:

First Copenhagen Impressions: They’ll all get together in the end. Behind more or less closed doors, they’ll have some kind of Wall Street Horizontal Paternoster of special interests in which they pursue their common goal in a hologram or a multidimensional chess game: to create a Global Art Institution for all lifestyles, granting or even promoting minimal autonomies and integrating them into giant Earth-and-Space-Clusters. Culture seems to play only a subordinate role here; it’s function is to supply a creative base for the lost faith in the economy and the sciences—Climate Fantasy.