ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art    06|18 – 10|03|2010
Jochen Kuhn
born 1954 in in Wiesbaden, DE
lives and works in Ludwigsburg, DE

Jochen Kuhn is a storyteller. But this should not be  understood metaphorically as many artists' works are often described, i.e. as 'meaningful pictures', 'pictures that speak for themselves' or 'narrative pictures'. Kuhn, a painter as well as rhythm and  movement expert when it comes to filmed images, holds the strings of his narratives with a secure hand;  he 'speaks' in the first person, always leading the viewer on different journeys through the underworld. This is where he experiences various adventures in strange, dreamy atmospheres: empty streets, barren blocks of houses, disjointed buildings such as forgotten industrial plants, the remains of past civilizations; known but unidentifiable sites. As a young autodidact, Kuhn learned to use a Super 8 camera and rapidly discovered that the concise essence of the short film was the perfect form for his unmistakable stories. With few exceptions, the painterly act of creation - associated with music  and literary texts-has become his distinguishing stylistic feature. [...]

Catalogue excerpt
fast forward 2. The Power of Motion
Media Art Sammlung Goetz

Editors: Ingvild Goetz and Stephan Urbaschek
Ostfildern, Hatje Cantz, 2010