Medium Religion / Documentary Installations
Gospel Aerobics with Paul Eugene, ca. 2005-2008

The American fitness coach and choreographer, Paul Eugene, is noted for his home Aerobics-courses distributed on DVD and on American breakfast television. Eugene thereby finds himself within the tense scenario of a hedonistic body cult elevating the body itself to a fetish worthy of worship while, at the same time, making it a temple to the human spirit. The intimate gymnastics exercise in front of the television set replaces morning prayer, the aerobics course church service. One no longer pays homage to the invisible, instead, keeping one's own body in shape becomes praise to God's creation. As Eugene himself put it: "Praise You!"

Gospel Aerobics with Paul Eugene
, ca. 2005-2008
video (colour, sound)
19:30 min., 21:50 min., 32 min., 24:30 min., 24 min., loop
http://de.youtube.com/results?search_query=gospel+aerobic&search_type (15.10.2008)