Medium Religion / Documentary Installations
. Video messages by Osama Bin Laden

.Gospel Aerobics with Paul Eugene

.God's Generals

.Jerry B. Jenkins & Tim LaHaye:
   Left Behind. Eternal Forces

.Kajri Jain, Bazaar Religious Images

.Debate on Cologne Mosque project

.Lenin-Mausoleum Documentation

.Anand Patwardhan
   Father, Son and Holy War (Part II)

.Miuccia Prada / Katie Grand
   True Faith / Nun Head

.Dorna Safaian
   After being interpreted by a machine
   (the blind; the dead; realism)

.Gregor Schneider / Natalia Schmidt
   Cube Documentation

.Internal Scientology Videos with Tom Cruise

.Joshua Simon

.UC Berkeley Journalism Project: God, Sex & Family
.UC Berkeley Journalism Project: Faces of Faith