Medium Religion / Complementary Program
Sun, March 8, 2009
Reading and discussion with Thomas Meinecke
ZKM_Lecture Hall, 4 p.m., admission € 5/3

In the context of the exhibition "Medium Religion," Thomas Meinecke presents his latest novel, "Jungfrau" (published by Suhrkamp, 2008).
Moderation: Prof. Dr. Schmidt-Bergmann (Literarische Gesellschaft e.V. / Museum für Literatur am Oberrhein, Karlsruhe)

The author, DJ, and musician is blessed with a pop approach to Catholicism. In his novel, he embarks on extravagant paths of belief: the way leads polyphonously straight through the centuries, campy and kinky. Similar to his novel "Tomboy," in "Jungfrau," too, the discursive web develops its won burlesque dynamics. Hollywood’s icon of B movies, Maria Montez, as well as her counterpart, Mario Montez, are just as deeply involved as Clemens Brentano, who for many years has kept a protocol of the visions of a stigmatized nun, Ronald Tavel, founder of the Theatre of the Ridiculous, the Camp film maker Jack Smith, and the Jazz pianist Jutta Hipp.