Remote Control
/// 1999 /// Interactive Network Installation
/// Shane Cooper

The interactive network installation Remote Control by Shane Cooper invites visitors to take a seat in a living room fitted with a sofa, floor lamp and television set and to watch a newscast. The user can switch between two channels via remote control: “Truth 1” and “Truth 2”. Initially, the stations can be distinguished by their mirror-inverted television picture. Each time a computer animated news reader reads daily reports in a virtual studio which are generated directly from the internet. The source of information is the same in each case, though the news is interpreted differently: “Truth 1” negates the news, while “Truth 2” confirms it. With Remote Control Shane Cooper questions the truth content of news, which we consume on a daily basis through the media. In addition, it comments on the plausibility of synthetically constructed pictures and poses the question as to what significance the speaker is generally given in the evaluation of news. Through the possibility of selecting between “Truth 1” and “Truth 2”, the consumer himself becomes the shaper of news and, in fact, the real speaker. In that he is prompted to critical reflection, the consumer becomes emancipated.

(Text: Sebastian Steinert)

Shane Cooper (*1969 in Yorba Linda, California) studied computer science and engineering, computer music and anthropology at the University of California, San Diego. Scientific assistance at the Scientific Applications International Corporation, La Jolla, USA (1990). Was formally active in the areas of visualization, software development and animation at various highly respected companies. Several international exhibitions, receiver of awards and scholarships; guest artist at the ZKM, in 1999. 


Design, realization, animation and software:  Shane Cooper
Modelling: Sabine Hirtes / Christina Zartmann
Documentation: Christina Zartmann
Construction of the remote control: Dirk Heesakker
Network and hardware: Torsten Ziegler
Network: Manfred Hauffen
Audio-accessories: Torsten Belschner
Exhibition design: Matthias Gommel / Kai Richter 

Shane Cooper, Remote Control, 1999, interactive network installation, Silicon Graphics O2, television, modified remote control, infrared receiver, digital delay unit, multi-effect processor, sofa, table, floor lamp, of variable size, ZKM_Collection