Camera Imago1:1
/// 1972–2007 /// Installation
/// Susanna Kraus

camera imago

The Camera Imago1:1, constructed by the physicist Werner Kraus and the goldsmith Erhard Hößle, is not only the biggest existing camera in the world – it is also the biggest mobile “full-figure self-portrait Camera”. Measuring seven meters long, four meters high and three and a half meters wide, the camera quite literally puts all other cameras in the shade. Here, the visitor is invited to submerge himself in the “body of technology“: He enters the Camera Imago1:1, closes the door behind him and finds himself alone with his laterally correct mirror image. By means of special optics, which the physicist Werner Kraus specially developed for 1:1-photography, through light on a silver gelatin, the visitor is now projected on to B/W reverse-side paper measuring 60 x 200 cm. In this way, entirely without negative and within a space of only ten minutes, there emerges a finished black and white full-figure portrait. The idea for this plate camera, constructed of welded iron plates and laminated sheets by E. Hößle originated in the early 1970s. Today, the artist Susanna Kraus has taken up her father’s idea making it once again accessible to a wider public.
(Text: Susanna Kraus / Anja Gossens)

In addition to the camera, an exhibition of pictures from the Kraus collection from 1972–1997 and from 2006/2007 can also be viewed. Due to the complex technology of the Camera Imago1:1, the production of self-portraits is possible only at certain times. To arrange an appointment (also possible at short notice), please contact: susanna-kraus; Tel. 0172 310 48 85


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Susanna Kraus (*1957 in Munich). Trained under her mother as a photographic assistant and the fashion photographer Karin Kraus. Created experimental works together with her father Werner Kraus in the 1970s with the Camera Imago1:1 he developed. Trained as an actress in 1979. Between 1981 until the present pursued work as a stage actress, as well as for television and film. Resident in Berlin with her two sons since 1990. Reactivation of the Camera Imago1:1. Since 1990, several exhibitions, among others, in Vienna and Munich.

Camera Imago1:1, Exhibition at the Technical Museum Vienna, April 2007, Photo: Annegret Kohlmayer

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Susanna Kraus, Camera Imago1:1, 1972–2007, installation, optics, welded iron plates, layered sheets, silver-gelatin paper, loaned by the artist