Breaking The News – Be a News-Jockey
2007 /// Interactive Media Installation
/// Marc Lee

breaking the news

Friends enquired as to whether I could help invent news to their liking? Such questions often develop into interesting discussions. Friends tell us about their favorite headlines and we answer with new stories. Jokes are then told about us being their personal news-jockeys (NJ). We created NJ so that we can have the same discussions with you.
Name a headline or your favorite word and we will create a modified “Streaming-Newsstation” for you. The media station Breaking The News deals with the world of news. Up-to-date reports from the internet are immediately transmitted in the space. You can create news on any conceivable theme and receive comprehensive insight into current or up-to-date news of the world focused on your own interests. In addition, you become a news-jockey by juggling around, virtually with films, texts, sounds and pictures.
Breaking The News is a game with surprising coincidences, accidents and mistakes. Provocative, paradoxical irritations and unseen content but also conscious disorientations emerge. In this way, one attempts to generate and discover new forms of expression and discourse.
(Text: Marc Lee)

Marc Lee (*1969 in Knutwil, Switzerland) lives in Eglisau and works as a media artist, graphic designer and software developer. He experiments with information and communications technologies, which contain cultural, creative as well as economic and political aspects. His experiments, for example, scrutinize the legitimation of journalists in the age of the internet.

With the kind support of the Federal Ministry of Culture, Switzerland, Migros-Kulturprozent and the IKEA Foundation

Photo: Marc Lee

Marc Lee, Breaking The News – Be a News-Jockey, 2007, interactive media installation, 4 projections, loaned by the artist