/// work in progress /// Interactive Network Installation
/// Marc Lee


loogie net

„Be the first to know – watch Loogie.net“
Loogie.net generates brand-new news from individual searches. The automated news magazine consists of two mutually complimentary but autonomously functioning parts: Loogie.net News, the internet news machine and Loogie.net TV, the television news program
By a mere press of the button, Loogie.net TV shows current television news broadcasts on self-selected thematic priorities. By means of individual searches via a special television remote control, one can determine what is broadcast on television, thus obtaining a customized news broadcast. In a second step, the current television program can be thematically focused according to one’s particular interests and priorities.
Loogie.net News is an automated, real-time news magazine online. It can compile and prepare an article on request and one may even permit oneself the pleasure of infiltrating it with one’s own input. It is not only possible for the text to be spoken and transmitted – it is also stored, namely, tracked by Google and thus creating confusion among other users.
What Loogie.net has to offer is unique in that it generates news the thematic selection of which is determined by the user. The contents are searched for on the internet in real-time and exclusively compiled by computer algorithms.
(Text: Marc Lee)



Marc Lee (*1969 in Knutwil, Switzerland) lives in Eglisau and works as a media artist, graphic designer and software developer. He experiments with information and communications technologies, which contain cultural, creative as well as economic and political aspects. His experiments, for example, scrutinize the legitimation of journalists in the age of the internet.


Technical Consultancy and Support:  Deivan Gore

Photo © Anatole Serexhe

Marc Lee, Loogie.net, work in progress, Interactive Network Installation, loaned by the artist