/// 2004 /// Interactive User Installation
/// PIPS:lab


“The audience is the artist, and becomes the subject. Fuck PIPS:lab, you are the artist.”


The work of the Dutch art group PIPS:lab ranges from video art, photography and collage to light graffiti and performance. The central concern here is the interaction with the viewers: in the installation Luma2solator the visitors are invited to actively participate in the design. By means of various light sources such as fluorescent bars, table lamps etc, light graffiti can be designed in a darkened space and guided by a soundtrack. With the help of video technology developed by PIPS:lab, this Action in real-time is then transferred to a projection surface, which not only makes visible the “writing with light” but also the light-sprayer itself. “Graffiti belongs to the people, but not everybody is allowed to express themselves on the street,” says Keez Duyves, co-founder of PIPS:lab. Light graffiti offers the possibility of stepping outside the sphere of illegality and yet still find a public platform. In this way, for a maximum of thirty seconds the drawn sequences can be entered into and called up on the internet at
(Text: Ellen Mey)

PIPS:lab (founded in 1999) is a collective of young Dutch artists that draws on various disciplines. They produce almost every element of their works themselves: the software, a large part of the hardware, the music, the stories, the performance and the pictures. The computer serves as a mixing console. The PIPS:lab always combines elements of music, theatre, text and photograph with a good portion of humor.

Photo: PIPS:lab

PIPS:lab, Luma2solator, 2004, interactive user installation, fluorescent bars, flashlights, projection surfaces, variable measurements, ZKM_Collection

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