SpacePlace: Art in the Age of Orbitization
/// 2006 /// An Art-Satellite Net Installation
/// the Orbitants [Heike Borowski/ Axel Heide/ Heiko Hoos/ Onesandzeros/ Philip Pocock/ Peter Weibel]


The conceptually designed project by Philip Pocock and Peter Weibel examines the new possibilities of curating in the age of post-globalization, “Orbitization”. The technical basis comprises up-to-date internet applications as well as mobile applications and Bluetooth.
The thematic focus of this Web2.0-Mash-ups is space art in the widest possible sense. The content of the project data bank draws on areas such as fine art, architecture, science fiction, film, music, digital art and media. It is presently possible to call up over 400 entries on “orbital art”, among which are projects by Piero Manzoni via Ilya Kabakov up to Cai Guo Qiang – a data pool, which is continually being extended.
SpacePlace brings together into an innovative forum different mobile technologies and procedures of collectively publicized information on the internet. The public may participate in its design via the internet or, on site at the ZKM, via Bluetooth compatible mobile telephones.

(Text: Petra Kaiser)

SpacePlace (Web):
SpacePlace (mobile):

Philip Pocock (*1954, Ottawa, Canada) the focus of Philip Pocock’s work is internet based platforms and installations. In addition to collaboratively emerging media projects, his work comprises photography, drawing and painting as well as the analysis of media and art theory. His works are exhibited internationally, among others, at the Musée d‘art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, documenta X and at the Rotterdam DEAF Festival.

Peter Weibel (*1944 in Odessa) In addition to his activity as an artist and curator, he became internationally recognized through his writings on art and media theory. Weibel has taught at numerous universities in Austria, Germany and in the USA and, in 1989, founded the Institute for New Media in Frankfurt/Main. As Art Director of Ars Electronica in Linz, which curated the Austrian contribution to the Venice Biennale from 1993 to 1999, he has been director of the ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe since January 1999. He received the title of Honorary Doctor of the University of Art and Design Helsinki in January 2007.

Curators: Philip Pocock, Peter Weibel
Datatect: Axel Heide 
Screen: onesandzeros 
Archive: Heike Borowski 
Gotchis: Heiko Hoos

ZKMax München 2006, Photo: Philip Pocock

Philip Pocock/Peter Weibel, SpacePlace: Art in the Age of Orbitization, 2006, interactive net installation, Bluetooth compatible mobile telephones, 1 19” server for mobile-and web applications, synchronized with 2 Mac Minis for Bluetooth access in the Museum, 2 beamers, 1 column with DVD player and built-in 7” flat-screen, measurement 6 x 6 m, loaned by the artists