krogalleri.es /// 2007 /// Interactive Net Platform
/// Mehi Yang / Axel Roch


The new ZKM Platform  mikrogalleri.es enables local visitors as well as global internet users to present their own pictures in distributed and networked virtual and real art spaces and to also generate new pictures.
http://mikrogalleri.es receives any random photographic files and publishes these both in real and physical space, for example, in the ZKM | Media Museum or in the ZKM_Foyer. At the same time, the presented pictures are each photographed in new artistic contexts with synchronized cameras such that new artistic photographs emerge. These are then made available to the users as material for participative art. The project not only networks the data of digital cameras but also the camera itself and thus also its spatial contexts.
As a network of participative production mikrogalleri.es is one step away from “user generated content” to “user created/shared media”, namely, a preview of a new generation of the web: the internet of things. The new, open platform is also an invitation to other, public institutions, private studios, small as well as large sites of art but also to socially creative spaces such as cafés, which can open their micro-galleries at any time and so become part of the ZKM platform.
(Text: Axel Roch)


Mehi Yang (*1982 in Korea) lives in Berlin and Seoul, works as curator, book designer and graphic artist. She studied art fine arts at the Hongik University, Seoul, curates over pictures, texts and the art of book production in the Jinsun Gallery and works for the Seoul Museum of Art and the Total Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul. Mehi Yang is presently guest artist at the ZKM | Karlsruhe.

Axel Roch (*1971 in Germany) lives and works in Berlin and Karlsruhe. He was artistic associate at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne, guest artist at the Media Tower in Graz, lecturer at Goldsmiths College in London and guest Professor at the Merz Academy of Art and Design in Stuttgart. Exhibitions, among others, in Uijeongbu, at the Seoul Museum of Art, at the ZKM | Karlsruhe, in the New Gallery Graz and at the Media Tower, Graz. The winner of a DAIWA Foundation Award and a AHRC Innovation Award. Currently guest artist at the ZKM.


Foto: Axel Roch, Mehi Yang

Mehi Yang, Axel Roch, mikrogalleri.es, 2007, interactive Net Platform, loaned by the artists